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If you are happy with your current IT support provider, but require assistance with an upcoming project, the ServIs team is here to help. We are experienced in the planning, documentation and implementation of a wide variety of IT related projects. Here are just some of the projects we have worked on with our clients in the past:

Infrastructure Upgrades

Is your current IT environment unable to meet the constantly changing demands of your business? We can work with you to customize a solution that will not only meet your current needs, but will also be scalable enough to easily handle future growth.

Infrastructure Maintenance & Planning

Even with the latest and greatest technologies it is critical to ensure that your solutions are keeping pace with the growth of your businesses needs and that they are kept up to date with the latest patches and updates. We can work with you to review the effectiveness of your current network and establish a long-term plan for the maintenance of your infrastructure.

Network & Security Auditing

One of the key factors in determining the value of a business is identifying the risks associated with the network design and security policies of its’ IT environment. Following a thorough review of your current infrastructure, we will collaborate with you to implement a level of security that is routinely used by Enterprise level organizations to protect your company.

Information Management

As the size of the information we rely upon grows, our ability to manage this information becomes much more difficult. The ServIs team has the experience to help you organize and archive your data, which can greatly increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Office Moves

There are a lot of moving parts to consider when moving your office from one location to another. The ServIs team can work with you to ensure that all aspects of your IT infrastructure are moved without hassle and to minimize the interruption to your IT services.


Being involved in an acquisition is a fact of life in Calgary’s rapidly moving energy industry. If you are involved with an acquisition, we have the experience to assist you with outlining assets, managing software and vendor contracts, and migrating any required data.

Contract & Invoice Reviews

It can be intimidating when you are presented with complicated contracts and invoices from vendors. We can help by reviewing contracts to ensure you are protected from agreeing to hidden penalties or commitments and review invoices to ensure all charges are justified.

Inventory Management

Trying to determine the value of your existing IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. Using the latest inventory management software, the ServIs team can help you to quickly determine an accurate picture of your hardware and software assets.

Network Documentation

Are you struggling to obtain a clear picture of your current IT environment? The ServIs team can perform a comprehensive review of your entire infrastructure, and use that information to provide you with clear and concise documentation, outlining all of the key components and configuration of your environment.