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In addition to building and supporting your network, ServIs can offer a myriad of Managed Services. In the past, many of these services would have only been viable for Enterprise-level organizations. Today, we can tailor these solutions to fit your needs and offer them at a price that adds value to your business.

Monitoring Systems

Using the latest hosted solutions, ServIs is able to offer several monitoring services for your critical applications and services. There are numerous aspects of your IT infrastructure that we are able to monitor, including the following:
  • Server services, applications and databases
  • Desktop and server performance and availability
  • Server room environmental (Temperature, moisture, smoke & door access)
  • Daily backup log checks and script verifications

Backup Solutions

A reliable and manageable backup solution is one of the most critical requirements of any IT environment. In cases where your business is impacted by a physical or virtual disaster, backups may be the only thing preventing you from losing critical data. ServIs can help you design a backup solution that meets your needs and will work to ensure your IT infrastructure is constantly protected. Some of the solutions that we can help you implement include the following:
  • Redundant disk arrays (RAID) on critical servers and desktops
  • Locally hosted backups with hourly recovery points
  • Offsite backup replication
  • Automated mail and application database recovery testing
  • Virtual infrastructure backups and recovery
  • Testing and verification of offsite data integrity
  • Offsite virtual hosting for disaster recovery

Hosted Services and Applications

We have selected services offered by many of the top North American hosting companies to bring our clients the best in what the cloud has to offer at competitive pricing:
  • Exchange 2013
  • BlackBerry
  • Hosted PBX
  • Webhosting
  • SharePoint